Monticello MNAutomotive Repair & Service

Lakeland Transmission & Auto Services is a independently owned shop in Monticello, MN that opened it's doors in January of 1998. It is located in the industrial park area of Monticello in a building that is 8700 square feet in size. At that time we felt that we would never use all that space and 1/3 of the building was rented out for storage.

The rest of the building was organized into a transmission rebuilding facility, 3 hoists added, and a storage area was constructed.

Though it was started with a emphasis on transmission repair it soon become evident that there was a great deal of problems with the rest of the vehicles systems that would effect the transmission and so a certified general repair technician was added to the staff.

As business grew so did the need for more equipment and space. In the year 2000 we expanded our transmission rebuilding facilities to the area formerly rented out and added 4 more hoists. We purchased more up to date equipment and added more personnel.

We now operate out the entire 8700 square feet with 4 technicians and a service writer. This growth and organization has allowed us to control the quality of our service and increase our commitment to our customers that they receive the best service and products available.